Do You Have the Passion it Takes to be Successful?

I am very fortunate having the opportunity to interview hundreds of restaurant owners, grocery store owners, CEO’s, presidents and managers of successful businesses. All of the brilliant people I know and interview have had many setbacks in the pursuit of building a successful business.
Based on those interviews I have narrowed it down to the primary reason people are able to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their future. This one thing gives them the power to break free of the past and initiate their own pattern for success.
From some of the small towns in Kansas, to the large cities like Indianapolis, to the unique restaurants in New Orleans, I have discovered the common denominator of these successful people:
All the successful people I have interviewed have an intense passion for what they do!
When these people talk about their business you can see it in their face and feel it in their enthusiasm. They are excited about what they are doing. They are full of ideas about how they are going to improve not only their business, but improve the service they give to their customers. They are excited about how they are going to add new menu items, try new recipes, add on to their building, open a second or third location.
I recently interviewed Chef Pat Gallagher (pictured above), owner of Gallagher’s Grill in Covington, Louisiana. Pat has a long and successful career in the business working for the original Ruth’s Chris Steak House and the Winner’s Circle before starting his restaurant.
Pat said to be able to put in the long hours and the dedication requires an absolute passion for every aspect of the business.
Webster’s definition of passion is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.
There are some extraordinary people in our business who know the key to their future is a passion for what they do. I think you will agree that it takes a lot of passion for Pat to volunteer to make 14,000 crab cakes for a Jazz Fest!
If you are questioning or doubting your potential for success consider that you may be judging what’s possible based on what you have experienced in your past.
The past does not equal your future. You have the power to change everything in your business starting today.
Have you heard it said that it takes vision to be a success. Think about what vision actually is. Are you able to see something that others can’t yet see regarding yourself or your business? Here’s a practical definition of what it means to have vision:
“You are able to see in your mind not the way your business is, but the way it can become.”
Many people, especially athletes and celebrities, have discovered this power and have used it to exceed every expectation. They never see themselves as victims. They don’t allow circumstances to keep them down.
People that live in poverty tend to remain in poverty. This mindset is passed on from generation to generation. Repeating the habits of their past represents the same pattern of thinking that leaves people stuck in a cycle of no growth.
But the opposite also holds true! Most of the time people that have a positive upbringing also go on to have successful careers in business because they have adopted the mindset of success.
There are many stories of people that broke the cycle because they were hungry and believed it was possible to change. They did not give into the belief that “The past equals the future”.
If you look at all the people in your own life, you can easily recognize this pattern, both successful people and those stuck in their past.
Here’s the question to see if you have passion:
Are your dreams bigger than your memories? If your answer is yes, your future will far exceed your past.

Source: Unipro